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for Financial Services

Who We Are

Implementation & Delivery Consulting Services

Prospect 33 is a consultancy focused exclusively on delivering business and technology change consultants for regulatory and compliance programmes within the Financial Services industry.

With a presence spanning across New York, Virginia, Canada, Singapore, Poland, and the UK, we support high and medium cost regions globally.

We draw on our depth of industry knowledge and domain expertise coupled with top class “out of the box” thinking to meet our client needs.

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Our Mission

To be the best in our class while maintaining a strong connection to our core values

Our passion is to hire, grow and motivate the next generation of industry leaders with an unwavering focus on having a truly diverse workforce with the highest standards of corporate social responsibility. At Prospect 33, we actively demonstrate a commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion through all aspects of our workplace management.

By partnering with industry-leading firms on a broad range of cutting-edge topics, we remain at the forefront of the change agenda and continue to evolve with the ever changing regulatory environments.

Our People

We aim for excellence

Our mantra is simple; we aim for excellence in everything we do and in everyone we hire. We commit to providing our employees and consultants with the best possible career outcome available.

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Our Values

Relationship Based

We are a distinct firm and do not try to be all things to all people. Developing lasting relationships and managing them with integrity is of the utmost importance. We focus our best efforts on every client, every employee and every consultant with equal diligence.

Right Cost

Prospect 33 can offer project based, outcome specific, fixed cost solutions. Because our business has a clear implementation focus, we are able to provide excellent resources at a competitive cost while doing right by our people.


We are fiercely dedicated to living this commitment every day as we hire, develop and promote a genuinely diverse workforce.


A Hybrid Consultancy

Prospect 33 is consultancy with a difference. Our model is more of a hybrid between a traditional consultancy and a boutique recruitment firm. We blend the best of both business models to create a flexible, cost effective package.

Seasoned Practitioners

Those with experience come from within our industry, namely they have grown up working for an investment bank. We provide a lifeline of a contingent workforce, which in many respects mirrors the internal workforce of our clients.

Future Leaders

Those without experience come from our Future Leaders programme and we have home grown them through a combination of real hands-on experience gained while working for our customers on real programmes of work and through extensive mentorship and training provided by Prospect 33.

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