Our Mission

Through a flexible and sustainable business model, we achieve success for the world's leading financial services companies in North America, Europe and Asia.

Prospect 33 is a managed services consultancy in the financial services industry. We are committed to delivering excellent resources in the most responsible and efficient way. Industries today, whether new or mature, that are constantly innovating, need multiple workforce strategies. Employees remain the talent engine that drives a first class organization. Outsourcing for selected utility or specialty functions is key to maximizing efficiency.

A contingent workforce — on demand, off balance sheet, reasonably priced — will provide the ability to ramp up and deliver critical strategic initiatives

The mission of Prospect 33 is to give its clients this contingent workforce strategic advantage.

Why Us

Industry Veterans

Prospect 33 knows the value of expertise.

Prospect 33's experienced people come from the financial services community with the ability to provide immediate value, as they are already familiar with the day-to-day operating processes. Our financial services network is deep and broad. We provide individuals with a wide range of knowledge that extends from middle and back office operations, finance, compliance, risk and regulatory, IT, audit, business analysis, and project management.

Future Leaders

Prospect 33 is passionate about hiring the next generation.

Our Future Leaders associate program offers our clients access to a diverse pool of high aptitude, ambitious, dynamic individuals to support their transformation initiatives. These individuals are hired by Prospect 33 in the early stages of their financial services careers. With a strong work ethic, they are able to work both on a team and independently, establishing them as key players in our workforce.

What We Do

Change Execution

A Prospect 33 core competency, we provide experienced change management resources.

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Regulatory Initiatives

Prospect 33 has subject matter experts who can ensure clients meet critical milestones and deadlines.

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Location Strategies

Prospect 33 supports location strategies by filling the critical implementation gaps that can threaten a smooth transition.

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