by Stan Jin & Tom Spouse

FinTech & RegTech are about Data, Data, and more Data. It all starts with Data and it all ends with Data.

As serious advocates for technologies like Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML), Prospect 33 is foremost concerned with the quality of data that will feed the system. No matter the potential for any new technology to deliver successful projects, without foundationally clean data, effectivity will be lost.

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London, December 5th 2018

On Monday, December 3rd 2018, we had the opportunity to participate in this year’s RegTech Rising, with our CEO, Tom Spouse, as a panelist on Summit Day.

RegTech Rising’s Summit Day is a closed-door event that brings together today’s most influential regulators, industry practitioners, lawyers, and technology experts in intensive back-to-back sessions around how transformative technologies, namely, Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), could help solve Regulatory problems.

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A Future Leaders Programme Project

Over the past several years, the business world has seen the assumptions around blockchain technology shift from being a platform solely for Bitcoin and Crypto-assets, to its functionality as a scalable and highly secure database solution with a large amount of use cases across industries. At this time, no industry has invested more heavily in blockchain technology than Financial Services. While projects for facilitating financial transactions on a blockchain are moving from the Proof of Concept stage and into production, more and more use cases continue to be identified. One such use case is within the Syndicated Lending market.

This paper explores the feasibility, opportunities, and potential roadblocks of deploying a blockchain solution to make Syndicated Lending processes more secure and efficient for Financial Service providers.

Authored by our Future Leaders Eric Bergersen & Anna Dumrauf; led by Nick Siconolfi, Prospect 33 Head of FinTech Change; with contributions from Subject Matter Experts: Ben Green, Program Manager CRO Change, Credit Suisse & Tom Spouse, CEO, Prospect 33

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By Tom Spouse, 12 November 2018

I’ve noticed a trend in our business around Financial Crime, AML & KYC in which a lot of research surrounds the use of AI and Blockchain as potential solutions to mitigate risk exposure.

Most would agree that KYC represents one of the greatest potential business areas to benefit from AI & Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) such as Blockchain. However, these technologies create as many challenges as they provide solutions. Data privacy, governance, and compliance requirements over a decentralized system are enormous challenges which keeps many of us up at night.

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