NEW YORK, NY, September 19, 2018 – Prospect 33 LLC announced today that, Michelle Pais, the Company’s current Chief Operations Officer, has effectively been promoted to President, and John Frost to Sales Director. The move follows a strategic realignment of Prospect 33’s core business into transformative financial technologies (FinTech, AI & Blockchain).

Michelle, who has been with Prospect 33 since 2010, has been a Managing Director & Group COO since 2016. The promotion is based on her outstanding leadership as Prospect 33 has successfully navigated its transformation from an exclusive focus on Change Management and Regulatory Risk Management into a broader spectrum of services associated with managing Change Management in the FinTech era.

Joining Prospect 33 in 2013 after having worked for Merrill Lynch and Dow Jones, John has successfully helped support a number of growth initiatives including expanding the North American operations to include Canada in 2017 and developing the New York FinTech business in 2018.

Tom Spouse, founder, will step up from his role as Chairman of the Board to lead the company as CEO once again. Spouse’s background as a Tech Entrepreneur is perfectly suited to lead the transformation. Dominic Lewinsohn remains a Member of the LLC and Non-Executive Director.

This core management team will move the direction of the company to execute on a new strategic initiative to facilitate the adoption and integration of transformative technologies into the Financial Services industry, leveraging traditional Consulting services and the Prospect 33 Future Leaders Programme.

Says Spouse, “This is truly a very exciting period of marked change – not just in our company’s history, but in the finance industry at large. Change is the core foundation of Prospect 33, and it is what we continue to do best. Both Michelle & John have demonstrated outstanding leadership throughout their history here, I am delighted to see them make this step up to the next level. Having Michelle join me as a co-Member of the LLC and having John join the Board of Directors are critical and exciting steps in the evolution of Prospect 33.”

About Prospect 33: Since 2005, Prospect 33 has supported Financial Services institutions by navigating them through the continuous changes in the landscape of the industry. The company has since grown to include legal entities in Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, Poland, the United Kingdom. Since 2005, Prospect 33 established a significant foothold in the financial services sector and has trading terms in place with numerous global financial services institutions. In New York & London, Prospect 33 has the reputation as the leading tier-2 Change Management consulting firm in the Risk & Regulatory space. In early 2018, Prospect 33 began the refocus of its core business into FinTech and transformative technologies while maintaining the emphasis on having a highly diverse workforce and developing the next generation of Prospect 33 Future Leaders™.

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