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Future Leaders Programme (Career Accelerator)

Future Leaders Programme (Career Accelerator)
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February 22, 2019

Fintech Change Consultancy

Are you interested in becoming a change consultant working on the leading edge of the Fintech revolution? Ever considered a career in project management, change management, blockchain, big data or artificial intelligence. Come and join our Career Accelerator called the Future Leaders Programme.

Prospect 33 is a global management consulting firm that specializes in change management and project delivery. We work exclusively in the financial services space and our clients include top-tier investment banks and hedge funds around the world.

Career Accelerator

We started the Future Leaders Program as a way to build out a network of young professionals in the financial services and FinTech industries. Recent technology developments are bringing about a multitude of changes in our industry, and we want to be at the forefront of those changes.

The application process is done through our website and will be followed up with a brief phone screening. Pending that we feel you would be a good fit, we invite you to participate in Boot Camp Day which is hosted once a month. Your performance on Boot Camp Day will be the final determining factor in whether or not you are invited to join the program. 

Future Leaders Programme

Acceptance into the program means that you will be part of a global network with access to our events, mentors, and discussions; as well as the potential to come on as an employee of Prospect 33 and work on site with one of our banking clients. Alternatively, some of our Future Leaders choose to stay in their jobs and participate in/contribute to the periodic discussions and events that we host. Future Leaders are expected to participate in ongoing engagement projects and various FinTech related exercises for Prospect 33. 

What you get out of this program depends on what you put in, and ultimately, the program is designed to help you succeed.

Job Requirements

Background Requirements:

  • Masters degree or a bachelor's degree (undergrad students accepted if they have a finance or economics/business major).
  • Relevant experience in financial services or technology (does not apply to undergrad).
  • Ability to work in a high profile project based environment on the leading edge of change management, data and innovation agenda for investment banking and financial services.
  • Passion, drive, positive attitude and willingness to learn.

The objective is to create a Future Leader who has a good enough technical ability. Equally important is that Future Leaders are able to:

    • Interpret & manipulate data in a simple local database
    • Manipulate data in Python (and perhaps later R)
      • Present the data in Tableau
      • Fundamental understanding of Agile, allowing them to think & work in an Agile process
      • Run stakeholder meetings

      What differentiates a Future Leader is:

        • Create business requirements documents
        • Communicate in the traditional language of change management
          • Change project documentation
          • Their ability to communicate with users
          • To think strategically
          • To be functionally useful project staff who can deliver Data projects
          • Strategic core processes and communicate them in the structured language of Change, and in a manner that will be understandable by upper management (trained through writing papers- lite/white)

          Prospect 33 is an equal opportunity employer.

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