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Remote Developer

Remote Developer
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New York
Bachelor's Degree
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Job Description

This role is for a true techie. Did you grow up taking apart electronics to figure out how they worked? Do you try to automate all the boring, mundane tasks you have to do? Do you keep up with the latest in technology just for fun? If any of those are a yes, then this is the job for you. In this role, you will be working with and handling the day-to-day management of junior developers, reporting directly to the head of technology. You will work primarily as a developer, but will also play a part in evaluating new technology solutions, setting up and maintaining various systems on different cloud providers, assisting users with tech issues, and providing aid to the junior developers. Additionally, you will be free to explore new technologies and implement the latest and greatest. If this sounds good to you, apply right now!

Primary responsibilities include:

  • Performing the role of lead developer on internal software development projects
  • Instructing and assigning tasks to junior developers
  • Running stand-ups and enforcing agile development practices
  • Assisting with DevOps
  • Assisting head of technology with other RTB technology issues
Job Requirements
  • The most important skill is being able to learn and having the curiosity and drive to do so
  • 3-5 years of JavaScript/TypeScript experience ((Angular 4+ is a plus)
  • 2+ years with Python 3 - solid scripting skills are a must and knowledge of Flask or Django for APIs a plus
  • Experience with both SQL and NoSQL (particularly document stores)
  • Experience running or at least participating in agile software development
  • Experience with either GCP or AWS (both a plus)
  • Either a CS degree or equivalent knowledge of theory
  • Must be able to work normal business hours for GMT-4
  • Must be fluent in English

Prospect 33 is an equal opportunity employer.

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