Data Solutions

Data Management, Data Governance, Data Quality, Data Analytics & Visualization

With our access to industry leaders, our consultants develop frameworks to better identify the “golden source” to ensure that our customers can rely on their data to make financial decisions, manage their business, communicate with clients, and report in a timely manner to the regulators.


Change and Transformation

Process,Transformation & Automation Specialists

The future is rapidly approaching and current systems seem woefully inadequate to utilize the rising wave of new technologies.

Our Change and Transformation methodology, paired with robust technological partnerships, provides a concrete and effective plan to embrace the latest advances in AI, automation, and future state readiness.


Our Seasoned Practitioners

Regulatory & Change Specialists

Prospect 33's resource pipeline of seasoned individuals is hired directly from within the financial services community we serve. This ensures we have a scalable supply model with the ability to react rapidly to client demands.


Future Leaders Programme

Our Associates: Your Future Leaders

The strength behind our model is an amazing associate programme of delivery minded people who work in a cohesive structured model.

The ambition of this programme is to source not only the next generation of industry leaders, but also a workforce comprised of people for whom there is only one mantra, excellence.


Procurement and Third Party Risk Services

Full scale transformations or strategic targeted Improvements.

Prospect 33 delivers strategic and tactical services which drives solutions to make structural changes in policy and procedures, talent, and technology that aid in driving the cost savings and controls senior leaders seek.

We can leverage procurement to drive more controls to manage rogue spending and a lack of control of the vendors and contracts that do not drive the true value of the relationships with lack of SLAs, visibility, and penalties for performance issues.


Regulatory Response

A Past Performance of Success

Prospect 33 has built a reputation for excellence over the years and we are currently engaged in supporting many of the major tier-one global investment banks on multiple regulatory initiatives.

Programmes include Dodd Frank, EMIR, MAS initiatives, however we are also engaged in a broader range of regulatory and compliance related activities (e.g., MiFid, FATCA, Basel, AML).