Future Leaders

Future Leaders Programme

Our Associates: Your Future Leaders

The strength behind our model is an amazing associate programme of delivery minded people who work in a cohesive structure.

The ambition of this programme is to source not only the next generation of industry leaders, but also a workforce comprised of people for whom there is only one mantra, excellence.

Our Future Leaders Programme offers our clients access to a diverse pool of high aptitude, ambitious, dynamic individuals to support their transformation initiatives.

With a strong work ethic, they are able to work both on a team and independently, establishing them as key players in our workforce.

When all is said and done, you get to keep the best of these people as your future full-time employees and your future leadership.

The Perfect Blend. Taken together, these Future Leaders and our Seasoned Practitioners blend perfectly to create a highly skilled network of dynamic talent.


Leroy Dunn

Leroy Dunn

Leroy Dunn has experience in banking culture and analytics in the areas of trading, exchanging and sharing of information. After a stint with Bear Stearns early on in his career, Leroy branched out on his own as a day-trader. Future roles would include hedge fund controller at Citi and insurance/financial advisor at Bankers Life before joining Prospect 33. Intelligent, energetic and entrepreneurial, Leroy landed a role within the pricing team of a global investment bank.