Future Leaders

Future Leaders Programme

Our Associates: Your Future Leaders

The strength behind our model is an amazing associate programme of delivery minded people who work in a cohesive structure.

The ambition of this programme is to source not only the next generation of industry leaders, but also a workforce comprised of people for whom there is only one mantra, excellence.

Our Future Leaders Programme offers our clients access to a diverse pool of high aptitude, ambitious, dynamic individuals to support their transformation initiatives.

With a strong work ethic, they are able to work both on a team and independently, establishing them as key players in our workforce.

When all is said and done, you get to keep the best of these people as your future full-time employees and your future leadership.

The Perfect Blend. Taken together, these Future Leaders and our Seasoned Practitioners blend perfectly to create a highly skilled network of dynamic talent.


Jhanelle Latore

Jhanelle Latore

Jhanelle Latore earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Macalester College with a focus on economics and statistics. Upon graduation, Prospect 33 offered her the first opportunity to work for an investment bank. It was there she truly developed her analytical skills while working on projects in liquidity, collateral and treasury. In her first week of training, Jhanelle seamlessly managed the transition onto client site where she worked with global teams in Singapore and London. Jhanelle has always been viewed as a valuable member of the team who thinks outside of the box and is consistently proactive.